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United Haitians in the UK {UHUK} are working to help the long-term recovery of education in Haiti. In 2009, UHUK began supporting L’Ahadepa school, a non-government community funded school, sponsoring children to attend the school, purchasing equipment and supplementing teachers’ salaries. The Earthquake in January 2010 destroyed the church building where the school met and the children were left without a place to study.

Since then, UHUK has been working to build a future for Haitian school children and to help rebuild L’Ahadepa school.  

The recent devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew on Tuesday 4th October has led to over 800 people in Haiti losing their lives and around 80% of buildings in the city of Jeremie being completely flattened.  

UHUK are making arrangements with storage units to collect tangible donations for the areas in need. They need help raising funds for Haiti’s long-term recovery and the future of Haitian children, which is why your financial donation will go towards the sustainability of local communities.

Support UHUK in their efforts to help Haiti in their recovery. Donate now to this Truecause!

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