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Care for Casualties takes on the continual responsibility of looking after the welfare of its serving Riflemen and their families, its veterans and the families of its Fallen. The objectives of the charity are to relieve the severely wounded individuals, their families and the families of the fallen soldiers of their sufferings and inspire them to rebuild their lives, whilst making the best of their futures in society.  The charity doesn’t solely want to raise awareness for funding; it also wants the public to understand that advice, jobs and training are too a great way to inspire self-sufficiency and hope.

Devastatingly, since The Rifles was formed in 2007, they have seen over 62 Riflemen killed in Action, around 30 sufferings of loss of 1 or more limbs, 2 Riflemen who have been permanently blinded and 2 who are in the care of neurological units and will remain there for the rest for the rest of their lives. Additionally, there are approximately 300 soldiers with serious injuries that all need attending to. The approaching concern is the anticipated increase of psychological problems amongst the soldiers and their families, which are likely to manifest to a greater degree in the future within the Rifles community, meaning the need for help will continue to intensify.

Riflemen unceasingly continue to voluntarily put their lives at risk on the behalf of others, and we must do all that we can to acknowledge and support their courage and sacrifice. The Rifles’ charity ensures care for their wounded Riflemen, their families and the families of the fallen. Through Care for Casualty, The Rifles demonstrate commitment to all members of the wider Regimental family with an enduring commitment to help all those affected as effectively as possible.

In order for Care for Casualty to continue to fulfill their heartfelt obligation they must receive the public’s support and donations.

For more information please visit: http://www.therifles.co.uk/ or contact me on bronte@thetruecause.com

Care for Casualties – The Rifles’

The Rifles’ was formed in 2007 with the ultimate aim to inspire and train quality recruits from across the UK, British Commonwealth and the Republic of Ireland.

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