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European Brokers Assicurazioni has launched a campaign to help with the recent earthquake devastation in its home country.  The earthquake has taken many lives, people's homes and even wiped out small towns.

To date, hundreds of lives have been tragically lost in Rieti Province and a further 57 in neighbouring Ascoli Piceno.

We are asking our insurance colleagues, clients, friends and family to come together to raise awareness of this situation and to make a donation to the Italian Red Cross - Croce Rossa Italiana, which is on the front line leading the support and rescue efforts: it has set up a 24-hour emergency control centre and also a mobile operation centre in the earthquake zone, providing first aid and emotional support to residents and vistors.

Your aid will help support the rescue efforts and also fund the mobile kitchens for people who have been forced to leave their damaged homes.

We encourage you to share this campaign through your social media networks and lets together help raise funds in support of this tragic event.

Ciao a tutti
Come qualcuno avra' notato EBA ha lanciato una campagna per sostenere le popolazioni terremotate in collaborazione con croce rossa italiana ed estesa a tutti gli intermediari, colleghi e amici anche del ns network. In molti hanno gia' aderito e la raccolta' e' gia ad un buon punto essendo partita solo ieri. Chiunque puo' donare anche solo 5 sterline andando sul sito. Se volete potete diffondere il comunicato a tutti i vs contatti.
Grazie per quanto potrete fare.

We thank you inadvance for your support,

The Team at European Brokers Assicurazioni


Help support the Italian earthquake rescue effort

Campaign to support Croce Rossa Italia in their rescue efforts following the Italian Earthquake Disaster
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