Charity Story

Anta Ahki only survives through donations, accompanying young people on a daily basis:  providing medical follow-up (physical and mental health), strengthen their ties with their families, helping people discover the world beyond disability. Furthermore promoting "living together" (intervention in schools, seminars, etc.).

Our team involves 58 employees and 20 vacations from the team in Lebanon. This great number is justifed by the presence of 3 shifts of life coaches: mainly a shift in the morning, a shift in the evening and a shift during the weekend.

Some of the young people whose parents have died are fully dependent on Anta Akhi, as are those whose elderly parents can scarcely support themseleves. It is thus up to Anta Akhi to assume the management of all their needs.

Donate now to help us carry on carring for the disabled in Lebanon.

Anta Akhi

Anta Ahki welcomes all disabled and offers different hosting types, adapted to each one's condition, and that of their parent: they are welcome permanently, during the day, in weekends, or assisted at home.

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