Get funded for your cause

About Truefunder

Truefunder is a cause marketing consultancy and crowdfunding platform for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community within the global insurance sector.

Our vision is to enable the insurance community to maximise the impact of its CSR campaigns by working with key partners in the industry to create network synergy.

By joining the Truefunder community, individual members benefit from the distribution reach of the Truefunder community, the technology, and marketing to create campaigns with collaborative, quantifiable impact.

Truefunder aims to be a social enterprise by reinvesting a significant portion of its returns into growing the platform, as well as giving back to the charitable causes we support.

A minimum of 35% of any profit made by the platform will be donated every year proportionally back to the campaigns run on the platform.

How it Works?

1 You sign up on Truefunder.

2 You Identify your cause.

3You create your campaign.

4You add photos, funding goals, time limits, and objectives.

5Truefunder reviews your campaign for eligibility.

6Truefunder approves or declines your campaign.

7If approved, your campaign goes live.

Costs & Charges

  • Truefunders charges a 5% processing fee for any amounts raised through the platform.
  • We do not charge any fees or charges for any amounts donated direct to the charities or via EFT payments direct to the charities.